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- Monday, July 22nd, 2019
Support to Share the Voices of HIV/AIDS & Sex trafficking Survivors

"Who Am I?" is a publication to share the voices and stories of Nepali sex trafficking survivors living with HIV/AIDS. The aim of this book is to inspire women in similar circumstances, who have been deprived of rights and resources.  This book demonstrates the struggles, barriers, discrimination, and stigma faced by these women. We hope by sharing this publication, there will be a greater understanding of what it means to survive sex trafficking and/or be impacted by HIV/AIDS.  Through their own stories, women demonstrate the wide impact of HIV/AIDS and sex trafficking which ultimately impacts not just the women but their families, communities, and the country as a whole.  "Who Am I?" will include stories of Shanti Foundation members and women who have received services. 

With your help, we hope to share the voices and stories of these resilient, brave, and often marginalized women. Thank you so much for generosity. 

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