Serivces at Brick Industry

Beyond Bhaktapur’s golden rice terraces and charming palace square, lies a world of soot and grime and there stays children invisible to parents. Every winter hundreds of families beyond poverty line migrate from Surkhet, Bardia, Dilekh, Kalikot and many other districts to Bhaktapur, just to work in brick kilns for six months, after which they return to their homes. These families migrate over this place risking own health, children’s health and education and ultimately darkening the future of their children and their own life. This may contribute to a vicious cycle of same migratory process, which means continuous darkness from generation to generation.

Shanti Foundation has been contributing to help improve the education level of the children providing them with the essential educational material to help them enhance their cognitive power and divert there mind from the feeling of deprivation from parents. Shanti Foundation also have been providing hygiene workshops to the children's along with the basic sanitation materials such as soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. 
Further, Shanti Foundation conducts health camp on HIV test, cervical cancer screening, uterine prolapse, STI and free medicine distribution at brick kilns e
nsuring every community can get the health services they need, without discrimination or financial hardship.