Orientation/ Awareness

Sexual Reproductive Health orientation:
Shanti Foundation has been conducting awareness /orientation program in most remote areas of Nepal to the vulnerable and high risk women and men. In this orientation, they are oriented about HIV/AIDS, it mode of transmission, preventive measure, human trafficking, STIs services on Sexual reproductive health and its rights, as well as violence issues. This orientation has been promoting, teaching and encouraging women's to implement their rights in their daily life, to raise voice against the stigma and discrimination faced by them and to advocate for their right.

School orientation:

Schools are the key to spread awareness and has the potential to save hundreds of lives. School orientation on HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer, uterine prolapse and STI among students has been conducting. The oreintation aims to prevent these disease among adolescents developing life skills for the preventive measures, transmission method, treatment and teaching students how to behave towards a people living with HIV/AIDS. Further the students are encouraged to spread this message in their community and their friends & families.