Health Camp

Free Health Camp on Cervical cancer screening, HIV test, STIs and uterine prolapse:
Being a developing country, most remote areas of Nepal continue to lack access to proper health facilities. There are roughly 49,397 people living with HIV in Nepal, with 28,800 of these being recorded in hospitals. According to HIV expert Dr. Anup Bastola (2016), only 12,400 of these cases are under ART adherence. Cervical cancer is rapidly becoming the second most common cancer among women in Nepal following with uterine prolapse, and a large number of women are dying yearly as a result. Focusing on these health issues prevailing in rural areas of Nepal, Shanti Foundation has been conducting free health camps on cervical cancer screening, HIV test, STIs and uterine prolapse along with free medicine distribution. Further, advance treatment facilities as well as emergency medical support are being provided. 

Free Health Camp on Eye Screening and Glass Distribution:

Focusing in children’s education Shanti Foundation has been providing eye screening facilities to students of rural areas of Nepal who has been deprived from access to health facilities due to various factors ( accessibility, economic status and so on ). Shanti Foundation facilitate identification of problems provided with medication as well as glasses to manage their vision.