Education Support


Children living and affected by HIV/AIDS are often left behind by world missing out on education suffering from stigma and discrimination, deprived of all basic needs seeking a strong voice to stand for them, work on their behalf and make their lives better. 
Shanti Foundation is voice for all those Children working for their health, education and protectionShanti Foundation has been providing Education Support to HIV infected children, the children affected by AIDS (CABA) and vulnerable children who are not able to continue their education due to poor economic condition. The objective of education support is to ensure all children get the opportunity to education. Specially, to those who are left behind by the world. Also, to back support parents for their children's education.

Sponsor a child today who are backwarded,discriminated by society and deprived from education and their rights. The organization will send you the required documents of child along with continous updated progress report.
Your support makes difference!

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